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Larry Monroe 1942-2014

Last night watching the Grammy’s during the people who have passed this year segment I learned that longtime radio legend and friend Larry Monroe who I had just spoke to on Bill’s birthday passed on January 17th. After Bill passed in 1994 Larry, Bill’s brother Steve, David Johndrow and myself did a two hour tribute to Bill on Larry’s KUT show on and then for the next ten years Larry and I would do a tribute on Bill’s birthday (Dec. 16th) . The running joke was that every year Larry would depend on me to bleep out all the “F” words from whatever Bill bits I decided to play and it never failed that at least one of my bleeps was too late and Larry would give me the “I’m going to loose my job because of you” speech. That in itself became kind of a pre-Christmas tradition. To be honest I used to laugh harder at the bad censoring job then the actual jokes. “Fuck - pause BLEEP – FUCK - pause pause Bleep” It was almost like magic because no matter how perfect the timing of my bleeps where in my studio before the show - they would never cover over the “F” word once we went live on the air. Larry was one of those old school Austin guys that lived and breathed Austin music and it’s sad that when I go back to Austin there will be no more Larry Monroe - Bill tributes. Someone should post that first tribute we did in 1994 -it was a great one.
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