Bill Hicks Sane Man
American Drug War Mixtape Trailer

Check out the Mix Syndicate's American Drug War mixtape; free download at!

Meth Epidemic: The New Moonshine

Better known as crystal meth, speed, or tweek; it is a synthetic drugs that can be cooked up anywhere with items purchased at a grocery store. Has drug prohibition created a black market for cheaper, more dangerous, and easier to acquire substances?

Sleepwalker McCain: Patriot or Hypocrite?

McCain has solemnly vowed to lock up even medicinal pot smokers but regularly uses powerful sleeping pills known to have hazardous side effects. Patriot or hypocrite? You decide.

ADW Planete Polish TV Trailer

"Po 35 latach od rozpoczęcia przez prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych Richarda Nixona wojny narkotykowej w amerykańskich więzieniach przebywa ponad milion dilerów." Can't argue with that...

Original ADW Trailer

35 years after Nixon started the war on drugs, we have over one million non-violent drug offenders living behind bars. Now watch the original trailer for the film that could end the drug war.

Operation Sudden Fall

Watch this new SCP short film about the recent DEA drug bust at San Diego State University that resulted in almost 100 arrests, including students majoring in criminal justice and Homeland Security.

ADW Mention on Real Time with Bill Maher

Esai Morales brings up the subject of "phony public relation wars" on Real Time with Bill Maher. He further goes on to mention the American Drug War only to be labeled a conspiracy theorist. Later he was labeled as a "pinhead" by Bill O'Reilly.

Judge Gray is the Man!

View this exclusive video of the speech given by Judge Jim Gray on the drug war that he delivered at the Artivist film festival after the showing of the American Drug War documentary.

American Drug War Showtime Trailer

Watch the full American Drug War presentation trailer as it premiered on Showtime in March 2008.

RIP Dr. Claudia Jensen

Activist, Pediatrician and warrior against the powerful elite that fight so hard to keep Marijuana illegal. ADW participant, friend and associate Dr. Claudia Jensen lost her life to breast cancer on September 15th 2007.

Robert Steele - Exclusive Interview

Watch this exclusive SCP interview with former CIA agent Robert Steele. In this brief clip learn more about the American Drug war from an authorative perspective.

Freeway Ricky Ross - Crack vs. Meth

In this latest recorded telephone conversation Kevin had with Ricky Ross you can listen to Ricky's thoughts on the effects of Crack versus Meth in the community.

Joe Rogan - Cure for Life

With the recent Federal busts at clinics providing medical marijuana to their patients, watch this video to gain perspective from the thoughts of Joe Rogan on the whole situation.

Mike Ruppert on Peak Oil

Mike Ruppert talks about the Government's position on Peak Oil and its connection to the Drug War and 911. For more on this subject visit From the Wilderness and Life after the Oil Crash websites for more.

Sacred Cow at High Times in NYC

Sacred Cow's visit to High Times Magazine in New York City discusses the financial impact of decriminalizing marijuana. Taxation benefits and profits to the Government as well as other cultural issues.

Freeway Ricky Ross "How I ruined $700,000 worth of Crack in one night"!

Don't you hate it when some friend says he knows how to make procaine and you think your gonna save a few hundred thousand dollars, but instead your whole crew gets pissed because its Christmas eve and everyone's Crack pipes keep clogging from the black goo.

No more Taliban in Afghanistan = Way more Heroin on streets of Los Angeles

Prior to 9/11, the poppy production levels in Afghanistan were at a low and many of the Taliban were against heroin and the opium poppies. However, since U.S. forces entered after 9/11, the poppy crop has skyrocketed.

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