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Congressman Ron Paul Speech

Congressman Ron Paul speaking out against the Patriot Act & the war in Iraq. This is an outtake from American Drug War.

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This is World War III

From Alex's access show on October 4th, 2001 showing in July 2001 Alex predicted the government would blow up the W.T.C.

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9/11 Truth Symposium

At the 9/11 Truth Symposium during a passionate speech, Alex cries out like I've never seen him before. He weeps for us, we living in a society where the heartless elite are pushing us down and sweeping aside even those who are already weak and fallen. Fight back for America, everyone can make a difference.

KiLL a Commie for your Mommy

Alex Jones faces off with so called "Communists" on the streets of NYC during the RNC. Are these actual Communists or are they stupid little kids who have been fooled by some creepy old men into thinking that calling yourself a Communist makes you "Anti Establishment" when Communism is the ultimate establishment. You decide?

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