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Daniel Johnston - Austin TX 1984

Rare video of Daniel Johnston outside an Austin comedy club where Bill Hicks was performing in 1984. For more on Daniel Johnston, visit the official website Hi How Are

Mack Lindsay - 420 Shit Show

Twenty minute Mack Lindsay stand-up at the 420. Watch this exclusive video here on Sacred Cow.

Marc Maron at the Hollywood Improv

Marc Maron performing live at the Hollywood Improv, January 2007. Watch this exclusive video here on Sacred Cow.

Dave Chappell - Taken to the Ghetto

Dave Chappell - Weed

Dave Chappell - American Indians

Dave Chappell - Kid's Cartoons

Dave Chappell - Locking Up the Stars

Mitch Hedberg - Just for Laughs Montreal

Mitch Hedberg - On the Edge

Mitch Hedberg - Special

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