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The American Drug War Documentary
The Last White Hope

Three years ago, I watched the Ron Mann film, "Grass," and had the genius idea of doing a film that picked up where Grass left off, talking about all drugs, especially cocaine & meth.

Now, three years later we are finally about ready to watch a first rough cut. This film has been through many evolutions, it started off as being sort of a hosted by Alex Jones film, but as time went by and I learned more about the Drug War, the film started to change.

After shooting many great interviews with various artists, personalities, musicians, I came to the realization that the only way the film would ring true was to only allow those who are in the Drug War to voice their opinions. I mean everyone has great opinions, but unless you're a former drug dealer, DEA agent, heroin addict, Pot Doctor, prisoner, former Drug Czar, narcotics officer, Judge, Governor who tried to legalize drugs, or my favorite, someone who started the Crack epidemic. Yes, I must say that FreeWay Ricky Ross has not only risen up as my main character, we have also become good friends. (but that's the next film)

So three years later, I finally feel like we have a film that does some sort of justice to the longest war in American history.

About a month ago we went out with LAPD in Skid Row, we answered a call where a guy had taken off his pants, ran into a Chinese restaurant, and while standing on the bar, started shoving ice up his butt. Why was he so hot? As it turns out PCP not only fucks you up, it makes you a tad warm & drops your inhibitions to boot. The police had a bunch of tazer darts in his back, and constantly electrocuted him while carefully loading him into an ambulance.

Another big hurdle has been trying to keep the film under two hours. I have enough material to do an 11-part series, so its hard to chop things that you not only worked hard to get, but you also want people to see. I think it was Sting that once said, "It's the space between the notes that makes a great song" and I always wondered why I thought of that when editing video. We have used 5000 gigs of HD space, to give you an idea of the amount of material we have been chopping with.

When will you be able to see the film??

Good question, hopefully as soon as possible, depending on the distribution.

Sorry about the lack of updates on the site, the Bill Hicks stuff has definitely gone dormant, but when the film is done we will have literally hundreds of hours of new material to post.

We have finally jumped on the myspace bandwagon, so pay us a visit.

Try to stay cool, I moved to the Hills in Los Angeles thinking I would escape the summer heat, but instead my new eclectic bill is being loading into my house via forklift. It doesn't matter where I go; it always ends up being the hottest place on the little CNN map. I swear I could move to an iceberg, and five minutes later it would be the reddest spot on that dam weather map.

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