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Emails from SHOWTIME screening


I just caught your doc on Showtime, and even tried (I'm abroad and couldn't) to email them to ask them to air it again!
I moved out of the US 7+ yrs ago in part because of GW Bush. I thought Nixon and Ray-gum were idiots. Smoked pot for years and did “other things” but stopped smoking in 1990 (I’m 48). Anyway I wanted you to know how absolutely right on your doc is, and wish it was required viewing for all Americans and Europeans along w the rest of the world esp. government leaders. Of course people laugh at me because I live in one of the best ganja producing countries in the world and don’t smoke any more! But the coke biz has done terrible things to Jamaica. And some very peowerful people (as your doc suggests across the board) seem to be the continuing beneficiaries. Although we after 18 years have had a change of admin and this one seems less corrupt.

Anyway, I could say much more especially about the corporate money machine and conspiracies for truly world economic and resource domination (which will be lost read China), but for now BRAVO on the truth of your doc. Someday humanity will look back and call THIS the dark ages, for “our” wars and for “our” persecution of weed and other natural “drugs”.

One love


Dear Kevin,

I work for an organization in Colorado called the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition ( I want to thank you for making this movie. I wanted to add the trailer to my blog and ask you what the next steps were, if you know, in regards to follow up activist movements. I'd like to see if we can be involved.

We are closely affiliated with SAFER Colorado and the Drug Policy Alliance as well as Sensible Colorado. Let me know if there is anything I can do to publicize this phenomenal work of political art.

Thanks again


Hello, my name is Michael J. Leonick and I just watched your movie American Drug War. I was highly impressed with your clear and thought out points that you discussed. I am writing you because I found that we have a lot in common. My father recently died of lung cancer and my older brother pretty much died from alcoholism. I have taken a lot of classes on sociology and I just wanted to share the fact that many of my professors and myself agree with your assessment of the drug war and I really hope you continue to bring to light all of the hypocrisies that are so evident in our political system. I will keep this short but again thank you for your wonderful movie I will recommend it to all my friends.


I am a retired Parole Agent with the California Department of Corrections (2001). I am also a retired Probation Officer with the Ventura County Corrections Services Agency (1998). I have just finished viewing your documentary on Showtime and felt obliged to write and congratulate you on your insightful, honest and courageous film which pegged the hypocrisy, futility and self serving character of the present "war on drugs" in a way that should grab the attention of the most cynical viewer. If there is anything I can ever do, to assist you in future like pursuits, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,


I just watched american drug war and was amazed till the end, I run a drug treatment clinic and was curious where I could purchase a copy of this documentry. Thank you

Mr Booth,

I just caught your drug war special on the small dish. I am a hippy from the 60's and while watching your film I thought to myself I could have written it well most of it. Your film wil make another dent in the corporate controlled money laundering goverment we are supporting. They are getting very heavy. What do you think about Obama? We can take this country back with the power of the internet!

Anything I can do?


Kevin, Thank you for doing the drug film. How old will I be when pot is legal? I'm fifty-six and thought, when I was in my early twenties, that pot would surely be legal by the time I was thirty. Ha!! We are so entrenched in the narcojusticecomplex that we will never get out of it without some


I just finished watching your two hour documentary on showtime. Great work my friend! I have pasted a link to a question someone asked a little over a year ago(02/16/07) on "Yahoo! Answers". This person asked "If marijuana is not really harmful, then why is it illegal". My response was chosen as the best answer for this question. When I saw your documentary tonight mentioning many if not all of the same reasons that I included in my answer on Yahoo!, I felt great joy in knowing these truth's are finally being publicized. Never give up!


I just watched your doc and thought it was very good. I did a doc on some of the biggest "KingPins" in American history. I have 13 crazy stories, the first one is done. Did your doc get picked up at a film festival? Check out the trailer and contact me if interested in talking.

Jason brooks

Thank you.....You educated me, my family and friends. I can not thank the Sacred Cow Productions team enough. Your film is very powerful and very well done. I thank you profusely for your time and effort in creating this film.

I've never thanked anyone for a film but you have created something special and capturing.

Thank you Mr. Kevin Booth


Hi Kevin,

My name is Erin. I just finished watching American Drug War on Showtime. You did a great job! It was very interesting and informative. I was hoping that you could elaborate on a small part of the film. In one part you mentioned that you became addicted to pain pills. You stated that you couldn’t afford rehab. While searching the internet, you said you came across a new treatment that breaks addiction to opium. However, that seemed to be the end of the subject.

Please, I need you to share what you found with me. My sister-in-law’s narcotic addiction is tearing apart my brother’s family (and making us fear for my 4 year old nephew’s safety and well-being). She already tried a private rehab center about a year ago, but obviously it didn’t work. Can you please share with me the treatment that you found on the internet, the treatment that worked for you? I need your help, fast. Their marriage is in immediate danger.

Thank you so much for sharing your time, your story and your experienced-knowledge,


Hey Kevin!

Amazing! I just turned it on by accident on Showtime and am enthralled. Great movie!



Hi Kevin…..

I am interested in obtaining a copy of your documentary……American Drug War: the Last great white Hope.

Can you tell me how much and for s/h and I will mail you a money order straight away.


Just wanted to let you know that I really loved your documentary. I thought it was well thought out and really well done. Keep it up. We need filmmakers to help sort the truth out of the lies and we need truth to come from our media.

Thank you,

just saw your documentary on Showtime last night when i got home from work. thought it was great. really well done. congrats


EXCELLENT EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY!!!!! I applaud you bringing the truth to the masses( or sheeple as I call them). Thank you so much for bringing to light the hypocrisy of the "war on drugs".The segment you did on the opium trade in Afghanistan was what I have been preaching to others. Who would believe that strict Muslim fundamentalists would be using drugs to empower themselves. They are totally against drugs and its evils. Hopefully now in this election year people will wake up and make a change( even though we all know that the elections are rigged and the shadow government will never be displaced). I am an ex felon who served time in the Feds, 37 months, for a drug conviction. Under the mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines I had to plead guilty in order to receive the 37 months rather than the 57-71 months I was facing according to the guidelines. I take full responsibility for my actions but punishments should fit the crime. For 2 ounces of crystal meth I think my sentence was harsh. Please continue to enlighten the public of how our government and the special interest groups are making tons of money by warehousing our citizens. I have seen this first hand. Unicor is making millions by using prison labor, paying $0.12 cents an hour for the labor. There is one thing I was hoping you may know the answer to and that is when I was locked down I heard that Barbara Bush's family owns the company that supplies all the commissaries in the BOP with the items sold to inmates.True? Once again keep bringing the truth to the light and hopefully one day a true change will come.


First off, I want to thank you for having the guts to make this film.

The true honesty, and factual information had me glued to the television.

I've always wondered how those washington guys always managed to stay

out of jail in the 80's,and never be held responsible for their horrific deeds to mankind.

Your film was educational as well,serving as a great learning tool for our youth.

Thank you Kevin,for opening up the minds and hearts of all americans with your film.


Kevin –

I just watched American Drug War on Showtime and have to say it was fantastic! My name is Ryan Tuchman – Producer at I-Productions Inc. I am in post on a doc of my own that would be of great interest to you. It touches upon the Drug War but focuses on the concept of “Harm Reduction”. I am sure you are aware of this after shooting your doc. I come from the scripted feature background but stumbled upon this story and had to jump on it. I am really lacking the distribution contacts for documentaries and was wondering if it is possible to get you on board to assist as a producer if you like my film. Hope to hear from you. Once again, I loved the documentary. After going through my shoot and meeting similar people I can really appreciate what you accomplished.



Hello Kevin,

I am watching your film on Showtime as we speak and I wanted to contact you.

I teach sociology at UCSB and this is a great teaching tool. It is very well done, accessible and engaging and I think it will be for my students.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a necessary movie. I have gone to Sacred cow to obtain a copy and look forward to using it.

Thanks again,

That was one of the best specials not only on drugs but of any documentary I have ever seen. As a former cop in the military and now a user of marijuana and other substances from my past, I have lived on both sides of the fence. Thank you for this entertaining and informative piece. My condolences for all your losses.

Ft. Lauderdale


I doubt you'll even receive this message, but hopefully someone does...who cares.

I watched your documentary last night on Showtime and I have to commend you on such a brilliant, honest piece. It was both a breath of fresh air and a great disappointment for me to be watching it. You portrayed, in my opionion, a very honest and accurate view on this crazy "War on Drugs" that our country is faced with. I pray that it opens the eyes and mind of at least ONE single ignorant American trapped in the lies our government feeds us.

It was a breath of fresh air to me because I am one of those junkies who is caught up in the system. Between probation, incarceration, and long term-forced treatment I've been labeled as a felon, a junkie, and not a member of society. Yes, I have convictions for the possession of controlled dangerous substances, but I'm not violent and I don't steal and i don't sell drugs. I'm someone who works hard, and likes to play hard. I'm forced to attend treatment, go to court every week, report to a po every day and visit once a
week,and go to na or aa meetings because the government tells me I am wrong and the government tells me this is what I have to do. If I don't, I go to jail. It's a wonderful program known as Drug Court located here in Ocean County, NJ.

It was also very disappointing to watch because I truly feel like such a
victim to our society. I feel like my freedom and my rights were taken from me because of things I chose to do behind close doors. Unfortunately I have to buy their drugs on their market and deal with their police and courts, and pay their consequences. I just have such a feeling of unrest about the whole situation. I feel so disconnected from our country because of it. I can't get a job because I'm a felon now, even though I'm bright and skilled. Anyway, I
won't rant anymore. I just want to thank you for what you did. It really kind of lifted a little weight off my shoulders because I know I'm not alone. Please keep spreading your message. I am fully aware that drugs can be bad and they can ruin peoples lives, but treatment should be up to that person, and should be treated as a medical problem, not forced incarceration... I just lost a friend last week to an overdose. Perhaps another live LOST because of
the war and lack of knowing what you're truly getting...

Take care, and if it matters, your documentary definitely made a difference in my life. Keep doing what you're doing, that way there's a small glimmer of hope for some of us.


I don't know if I am more depressed or more hopeful; after watching your film on Showtime this evening. I do know I am thankful that it is out there.
Jeff Hartzer


Kevin, I just watched your American Drug War documentary for the 2nd time. My husband watched too. We have a vested interest in this topic because we are the parents of 24 year old twin heroin addicts. I could write a book, that's no joke, if interested in my story please contact me.


Hi Kevin,

Just caught your film tonight on Showtime and found it quite disturbing yet I'm thrilled by your efforts to open up a conversation about government's social-economic impact on our country.

I am especially interested in those Iran-Contra folks near the end of the film who hold positions in government today. Sadly, the only one I recall and immedialtely recognize is Mr .Gates. My political forum friends and I have the attention span of a 2-year old so it would be a good history lesson for us to google all these guys and re-visit their outstanding contributions to America. Hopefully we can find one.

Keep up the good work and if you're ever interested in my perspective on the wacky child adoption craze going on in our great land, please let me know.



That is SO GREAT! Congrats Kevin!! I knew this woudl be going FAR the first time I saw it!! I am a HUGE supporter of your film!!
When will it air on Show time in total?

Hope all is great with you!!

Peace and Love


Dear Mr. Kevin Booth,

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, for putting your-self in harms way, and your compasion to tell a story long over due. There are thousands of people worse off than me with addiction, poverty, AIDS and Cancer, but as a human living with a cronic illness, Crohn's Disease, who is helped tremendously by canibus for pain and mental anquish, I can't thank you enough for sticking your neck out on the line for us all.

Will you be offering this on DVD for purchase in the near future. Everyone I know needs to see this film... sorry, everyone in this country needs to see this film. I pray some day we will be able to have real change. You are a huge step in making that happen, if it can happen.


This was definitely the best documentary I have ever watched. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Being only 19 years old, I have been asking myself since I was 15 when I started using pot. I've smoked pot since I was 15 years old. I got in trouble with alcohol when I was 18 and thats the only trouble that has been thrown my way is because of the "legal" drug. Why is alcohol legal and causing so many death's from drinking and driving, to natural deaths from alcohol. I know this was all covered in your documentary but there are so many points about this corrupt government that I didn't know until watching. Thank you so much for filling me in on the actual games and hate the government actually have against its citizens, if thats what we are actually called.


I just want to say that I just caught your movie, "American Drug War" and I find it to be one of the best drug documentaries I have ever seen. I think you showed a clear picture of that world. I extremely enjoyed the fact that you mentioned Iran Contra Affair. I know from talking to the youth today, that even in school, it is not taught anymore. I was lucky to be 15 at the time this was going on and had a very progressive teacher teach us what was going on at that time. Thank you so much for that film and I am sure your friend Bill would be very proud of you as I am for your truth. Thanks


Mr. Booth

Your documentary touched me deeply. I lost my grandfather to alcohol in 1990 and then My father in '99. I myself have battled drug addiction. Perhaps more accurately stated, I battle drug addiction every day. I smoked my first joint at 12 and became an avid smoker at about 16. Now I refuse to accept that Marijuana is a gateway drug, but the realization that I was bombarded with propaganda did inspire me to "experiment" with other drugs. I have been addicted to cocaine, and methamphetamine. I will not lie to you, I had a lot of fun on drugs. I still smoke pot regularly, and I do occasionally fall off the speed-free wagon. I have never believed that legalization of drugs is a solution, but a real restructuring of our drug policy is a must. Decriminalization is a fair start for some, but not all. Some drugs should not be available, but locking up the addicts just because they use is insanity. In short I want to say thank you.Thank you for having the guts to send this message in this day and age. Thank you for opening my eyes to some things I didn't know. Thank you for giving me not just one resource, but the launching pad to find so many more to help me share the truth with my staunch right wing family. If nothing else it will make for far more interesting arguments during holiday gatherings.

A freedom starved American

Kevin I live in a small town in central Texas. I'am 53 years old and have been using Oxycontin for over 12 years. I did not know how addictive it really was until I tried to stop. I never had any trouble quiting the other pain killers. I have had 34 major operations , cancer , struck by lightning,bitten by a rattle snake, stabbed and shot. I did have chronic pain for a while. I tried to get the doctors to help me quit so I could see if I really still hurt that much. They always told me no that I needed to take it because with that many surgeries you have a lot of scar tissue and it causes pain.
I could not see how bad I was until my wife started to leave and I have spent all my money buy this drug. I could not work because all you think about is where will I find it and when can I get there. They had me taking Norco 10/325 for break through pain up to 10 a day. This did one thing and that was it kept me from going in to DT's. You will do almost anything to get this stuff. I have sold off everything of value and gone from a million dollars plus to 0.
What really makes me made is that they lied about how addictive it really is. The doctor told me it was better because I only had to take it 3 times a day instead of every 3 or 4 hours. They said it was long lasting and was not as addictive as the other drugs. I have had about every drug they make put in me during all these surgeries. I was in the hospital for about 14 days with my first cancer operation and they gave me morphine for 7 days in ICU . These were big doses and then they gave it to me on the floor for the remainder of my stay. I had no trouble getting off and have even used the duregesic patch. I think it is Fentynal or a stronger version of morphine.
I finally decided to get off so I went to a doctor that does addiction problems. He put me on Suboxone and that works great. I have been on it for about 12 months and it does help a little with pain. I still have days that my mind is telling me to take Oxycontin. They can't tell me how long this will last because they have never had anyone that has been using it for this long. I nearly got my gun and went looking for those guys when I heard they admitted they lied about how addictive Oxycontin really is. I have also heard from some drug reps that they also gave the doctors a 100 dollar kick back for each script they wrote. Where was our government when this drug got approved to use. They hve sold us down the tube and could care less about John Q Public. You will have the one agent or cop that wants to put a feather in his cap and he will bust people for sell. I could not believe how easy it was to buy on the streets. Then I started seeing two doctors getting it nad they still never came to see why I was getting so much. I really think someone got a big pay off to look the other way.
I did find out about the victims fund and have been trying to find out what they will pay. I still don't know how that will work and I found out that the state of Texas got 500,000.00 I wondered what for. I called the attorney generals office and ask who was addicted to it. They told me that this is to stop the illegal sale in the state. Well they still seel it and you can still buy it on the corner. I really think it is a good pill but it needs to be for people that will die in a few years. The really bad part is I have not needed anything for pain. Yes I hurt but I can handle it and work. I could not work for anyone when I was on it because if something happened they would have to pay. I agree that would be like hiring a drunk to be a truck driver. You know he will have a wreck you just don't know when.
We have a real problem and I don't think anyone cares. They want to build more jails and put people in prision. This is not the answer. My son was on Meth for a couple of years and he had no problem quiting when he wanted. He told me he was ready to quit and he did. I have been writing the people in Washington about the oxycontin lies to try to get them to check it out but there aren't any football or baseball heroes using. If it is not some big shot like Lance Armstrong they don't want to look at it. I was really mad when I went back to my pain doctor and told him I was on Suboxone. They have had it for 3 years but they don't like the side effects so they don't tell people about it. They said it makes some people have a headache and sick at your stomach for a while. I told them that probably every person they have on Oxycontin is addicted and they said they did not think so. I also told them I had people from their office try to sell me their pills and they did not believe me.
I don't know how to get it done but I want to sue the pants off the Oxycontin people. They said three doctors made it and I wonder how they would feel if their family members were hooked. They probably wouldn't care as long as they made a lot of money. I seperated my righyt shoulder about a month ago and it has been hurting bad. I had some old Norco and I took 7 of them. I waited and it did nothing. When I went to the doctor they told me that I had burned out all my recptors and it would never work again. What will I do if something big really happens to me or I have to have this shoulder fixed.
Ok I will shut up I saw your show and need to vent. Hope you are and yours are well.

Mr. Booth:

A couple of nights ago I had an opportunity to watch your documentary with regards to America’s “War on Drugs” and although I had known (peripherally) about many of the claims made in your film, I really had not realized the extent of CIA and government complicity in this self made war.

Watching your film made me realize that right now, our government is likely involved in a similar situation as the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980’s. As you may know, a couple of weeks ago a small province named Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. This declaration was quickly recognized by several countries, including the United States and Afghanistan.

Prior to 1999, the CIA had classified a group known as the “KLA” (Kosovo Liberation Army), as a terrorist organization, but quietly removed them from the terror list, prior to a 78 day bombing campaign against Serbia. After that bombing campaign, the United Nations and NATO took control of Kosovo and the former terrorist organization was converted to the newly named “Kosovo Protection Corps”. While Kosovo has long been a center for the heroin drug trade in Europe, since 1999 it became the world epicenter for the heroin trade, all under the watchful eye of the United States and many European nations.

In March of 2000, Guardian reporter Maggie O’Kane reported that Kosovo had become the focal point of 40% of the world’s heroin traffic, most of which was headed to western Europe and America. In fact, Kosovo became known as a “smugglers paradise” and during the time it was a “UN Protectorate” it expanded as ground zero for heroin distribution. However, Kosovo still remained a part of Serbia, who’s government would not bend to the whim of the west and remained an obstacle to unfettered heroin trafficking.

As I watched your documentary, I started to see striking similarities between the scandals of the eighties with modern day Kosovo. The American government has been spoon feeding the mass media and general public grandiose statements of genocide and mass murder in Kosovo, none of which has ever been substantiated but has provided a great distraction for the reality on the ground. Moreover, while most international legal scholars agree upon the illegality of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence, the government of the United States has accepted it as a fait accompli with virtually no tangible scrutiny or opposition at home. When was the last time you can recall both Republicans and Democrats agreeing on an issue with virtually NO dissent in Congress?

Along with the declaration came immediate recognition from Afghanistan, the world’s number one exporter of heroin. With the supplier firmly in American hands and under American control (Afghanistan), the missing link for complete American control was the middle man/distributor. By recognizing Kosovo’s independence America has virtually created a proxy government in Kosovo’s capital (Pristina), whose leader (Hashim Thaci) is an indicted war criminal. Who better to serve the interest of the drug runners than a man who has long standing ties to the KLA and organized crimes?

Ultimately, the point of this email is that you might consider what I have written here and contemplate a follow up documentary or some type of investigation. I’m sure at the beginning of the CIA drug running investigation, most would have thought CIA complicity impossible but now see the reality. I have no doubt that a similar investigation into Kosovo independence would yield similar results.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at this email address. Thank you for your time.

Very truly yours,


Hi Kevin,

Is there any way to purchase this film on DVD? I loved it, it show our governments true intentions.


I saw the premiere of American Drug War on Showtime Tuesday night and i wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. Since the making of the The Matrix I felt like that was what was going on with us as a society. It has motivated me to start speaking out about this. Thank you!

Hi Kevin,

I am the West Australian Publicist for FOXTEL and have had a request from TV journalist Pam Brown from The West Australian newspaper. Pam would like to chat to you about the upcoming Australian premiere of AMERICAN DRUG WAR.

Only catch is that Pam will need to speak to you either Thursday 6 March or Sunday 9 March (LA time ) this week in order to make her deadline ahead of the premiere.

Are you able to let me know if this is possible and what would work for you in terms of interview timings. Due to the time difference between LA and Perth, we are fairly limited. See below for options.

Apologies for the late notice and thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Kevin! My boyfriend and I just sat with our mouths open watching your fantastic doc! The best one I have ever seen on the subject. I couldn't believe when your name popped up at the end! I cheered! As I am a HUGE Bill Hicks fan. Congrats! You have done some fab work! Cheers from NYC to Austin!


Finally got to see "American Drug War" on Showtime. Amazing work! The only thing I don't care for is the overwelming sense of helplessness.

Keep up the good work,
Scott Muri






Louisville, KY

I just finished watching the special on Showtime. There is a song which runs in the ending credits, and I couldn't catch who wrote it or what the song's title was. I featured some GW sound bytes. Any help locating the writer's name and song title would be greatly appreciated.

Let the guys at SacredCow know, that was top notch work. My friends and I have been taking a very proactive approach to this issue, and really appreciate, unbiased journalism on the matter.

Thanks in advance.



I just watched American Drug War on HBO, and it was absolutely amazing. It's glad to see that not everyone is blind! Thank you Mr. Booth! I'm not a religious person, but I truly believe you and your work are a gift from god. And thank everyone involved in this ingenius documentary. I wish every person in america could see this, and open their eyes to reality. Thanks times a million!

~Dante R.

Congratulations on the documentary, I saw it last night in Showtime by accident as I was browsing for something to watch. Great job! Exactly along the line where I believe the issue should be addressed, though everyone tells me it is an impossible political task to change the current drug prohibition paradigm. Getting to see Judge James P. Gray was great also, I read his book a while back, however, haven't been able to find an address where to send him a copy of my book A Silent Nightmare: The bottom line and the challenge of illicit drugs. I have your postal address and will be sending you a copy of my book this week, could you provide me a postal address for Judge Gray?
I have ordered three copies of the DVD, one for my personal use, one for the president of Mexico, I expect to meet with him in early May, and a third one as a reserve for the "right person" in the US government. The three leading US presidential candidates, Obama, Clinton and McCain, have acknowledged receipt to my book (their staff has over their signature) though I doubt if they have read it. I personally hand delivered it to the president of Mexico last May and had an hour long one on one meeting with him on the subject. He is in a tough spot, however, he was willing to share his personal insights with me. We have been friends for over twenty years.
I am attaching a pdf copy of my book, however, you will be getting a printed copy soon. If you are ever in the Washington, DC area in the near future I would love the opportunity to meet with you personally.
Good luck with the documentary.
Sergio Ferragut

Hey, Kevin. I just got finished watching your documentary on Showtime. I'm just emailing to let you know that I am truly inspired by this. It has completely changed the way that I look at my drug use, and the drug use of others. You have opened up a whole new way of thinking for me, and I just wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate it.

Thank you,


Thank you for making this documentary, I am going to tell everyone I know about it. America needs to see this. You are helping us make the first steps towards a desperatley needed change. I just recently was pulled over for illegal window tinting, in charlotte, North Carolina. The officer searched my vehicle and found about a gram of marijuana, a glass bowl, and a grinder. Thankfully, in North Carolina, marijuana is not a schedule I drug like it is federally, it classified schedule 6. I recieved three citations and was required to take 15 hours of class in a court appointed drug education class (which cost me $150). Although I am very happy that I was not arrested, I found that my punishment in the long run was financial (about $700 in the end). Out of the 15 hours of class, about 1 hour was dedicated to marijuana, 1 hour was dedicated to alcohol and the other classes covered inhalents,tobbacco, cocaine, heroine, steroids, pcp, and a whole 4 hours on STD's (with a very graphic and unnecisarry video). The only people elligable for this drug ed. class are those who were caught with marijuana under a half ounce, underaged drinking, or DWI's. There was at least 40 people in each of my classes, thats a lot of money going. . . somewhere. Anyways, your movie helped me realize that there is hope for a better system and that we are the ones to bring it to the light.
Peace, Love, & Respect

Dear Mr. Booth,

I caught your documentary, AMERICAN DRUG WAR, on Showtime last week and wanted to congratulate you on your accomplishment.

I found your film of particular interest, because of it's correlations with a film I just finished focusing on one man's drug-laden experience in Afghanistan over the past 40 years. Beginning with Afghanistan as a stop on the Hash Trail in 1967, we follow the history of drug-use in Afghanistan culminating in an interview with an opium grower in 2002.

I am curious if you would have any suggestions in finding the proper distribution for a film like mine in the United States.

You can take a look at our trailer here: <>

If you're interested in seeing the full film, please let me know.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


congrats! i am so happy that this film got into some
light like this. when i saw it at slff i hoped that
everyone would have a chance to see it and now a big
chunk can!

Hugs Valerie

It was pure greatness. It’s too bad America is full of people like our parents who have never smoked marijuana, and who refuse to question why a law is a law. We need more documentaries like yours to at least attempt to bring light to the fact that the drug war is a sham. Good work.


Hi Kevin,
My name is Will Ackerman, and I produce a weekly show for local access that focuses on the war on drugs. My question for you is; are you granting permission to people like myself to air your program locally on TV. Please share your thoughts. Thank you for your time.

Kevin, I have just watched your movie for the first time, and I must say I am truly touched. I want to support this film and movement in anyway possible.

I am the singer in a very successful truly independent american reggae band that tours nationally and internationally with steel pulse, the wailers, clutch and many more pro-marijauna bands. We are very excited to spread the word in any way we can, and kudos for such a powerful film.

We just returned from kinsgston jamaica making a record consisting of very similar themes to the movie.

Let me know how lionize can become a more active supporter of your film.

Hi Kevin,

My name is Paul Glaser. I live in Los Angeles. I've lived here since I graduated from UNC 5 years ago.

A few years ago, I had the experience of dealing with the law over a marijuana offense (.08 gms or something infinitesimally small) and I was lucky to live in California.

Anyways, I've attached the essay I had to write as part of my plea agreement.

If you are still active in working on reversing the insane drug policies our government promulgates and need any help with the written word, I would love to offer my assistance to the cause.

Thanks for a great documentary. Hope you are well.


Kevin, Hey how are you, Im Jose

Im an International Relations Major here in Miami Florida, I saw clips of your movie and an intreview on google by Alex Jones with you.

I am writing a 35 page paper on the Iran-Contra Affair and found your documentary extremely interesting and heard about your sequel about the CIA..

Well, I was wondering about some sources you got from the first documentary about the operatives of the CIA Oliver North and central America.. Contact me and stay in touch


Hey kevin, I saw your documentary today and I thought it was amazing. I was just curious though, who wrote that one book thought connected Ricky Ross to the CIA? I am really interested in reading it, but i cannot remember who wrote it.

I watched the documentary on showtime on demand, after seeing it i quickly called everyone that i know advising them to watch it as well, i am willing to do whatever in order to help this movement.... this show needs to be on regular channels everywhere..

Mr. Booth,

This weekend I was fortunate enough to see your film, "American Drug War", on the Showtime network.

It was, in a word, fantastic. I felt compelled to write to you, and express my admiration for your effort. I have always been skeptical of the efficacy of our "War on Drugs" , and your film did a superb job of spelling out the hypocrisy of the effort.

Thank you for making it.

Sincerely, Brian Baker

Let me first off ad say thank you for taking the time and producing a realistic documentery about what is really going on around this forsaken country, Its just another coruption to add to the long list of this countries history.

Ill tell you now that ive shown this video to over 50 people and the same remake is made....

But im glad to see more and more is being contributed to the up and coming revolution that will soon open the mankinds eyes in this disgusting political power to control us like sheep.

thanks again mate,.


Just saw your movie and it was fantastic! Thanks for making me take a good hard look at the people running our country, and myself for believing the garbage shoved down my throat for years.



I just watched "American Drug War" on Showtime... awesome documentary! Congratulations. I think you did an amazing job demonstrating the corporate money and politics behind the epidemic in this country - the "war" on drugs is not working. Thanks for putting the film together. You did an incredible job!

I am a history professor at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas - just about 40 minutes SE of Austin. I would be absolutely thrilled to have you on campus some time for a showing of the film (if possible) - I don't know how that would work since the film has been released? Anyway, if you could let me know your availability I would really appreciate it. Our student body is a bit conservative - they could use a good dose of reality.


Good day Kevin,

I was traveling abroad and caught most of your movie on American drug war...I must say I was very interested...unfortunately I can't find it anywhere in Canada...I would love to see the entire film...can you let me know if and where it's available in Canada.

Much appreciated,

Great film, I see Dark Alliance as the book of the century and your film should be film of the century. Please advise when your film will be offered for purchase.
Loved the work. Keep it up.

***Lose not courage, lose not faith, go forward. Marcus Garvey ***

Kevin, Great documentary!
I am a alcohol and drug counselor.
Your movie put together nearly everything I have been saying about the phony War on Drugs in America for too many years now.

I have adopted a socio-cultural understanding of drug use and cure, which you reference at the end of your documentary.

The two largest Federally licensed churches in Brazil, the Santo Daime and the UDV have proven oven many years
that ayahuasca tea successfully treats addiction.

Ketamine successfully treats addiction in Russia.

Dr Deborah Mash and many other respected scientists have researched the successful use of extracts of the Africa herb
Tabernanthe iboga in treating addiction.

To add further insult to injury, I had read many years ago that noscapine has successfully treated all hard tumors it has been tested on since the 1960's.
Noscapine is a natural compound found in opium poppy.

500,000 die every year of cancer in the USA.
How many must die before we admit a positive use for the opium poppy?

More insanity: Dogs can smell developing cancer on humans before ANY man made diagnostic can!
Dogs are another natural cure out society refuses to use to save lives of 500,000 Americans,
because it does not fit our "business model"

Take care, Joe

I had to commend you on your wonderful film. I was in an auto accident and have been in extreme pain from injuries for 11 years now. The drs have recently put me on daily meds of OxyContin & Dilaudid. Have decided to stop them because I hate taking these since I also have Hep-c from blood transfusions. My therapist has now recommended Seboxone treatment. I saw it mentioned in your film.....I am afraid this will cause a new addiction. Any new info....again Congratulations on your most informative film.


The best documentary of all time, I've have been telling everybody I know that this is a must see, and how blown away they will be once they see this dvd.
Great job. Nothing but the truth. Matt

Hey I think you and I grew up really close time together.
Mom & Dad or it was Lorene & Tommie had a Stillborn, then a set of Twin's Billy & Bobby witch lived a couple days and Passed I am told witch I will always think Smoking had somthing to do about it.
Then I was the last hope an I was born 5-8-1960 Mother's Day smile.gif No Shit !!!
Yea if ya want, I'm here.

Kenny “Black Dog”

Your film is truly a masterpiece. Thanks for believing in my ability to take the message to the streets. It was and will continue to be an honor.


I believe every word you spoke in this film. It all makes perfect sense. The drugs that are ‘legal’ are so dangerous compared to what nature offers. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly trying to mimic nature, when nature lies at our feet. I have also had many deaths in my family at the hand of ‘legal’ drugs. History tells us repeatedly it’s always about power and money.
When we imprison non-violent drug offenders we turn them into violent offenders. From what I’ve seen prison, is a fight or die situation.
I am disgusted with the monster we call our prison system. The prisons are full and the streets are more dangerous than ever. How does that make an ounce of sense?
None of our drug policies make an ounce of sense unless you follow the money!
Great film and moving documentary. You more than support you suppositions! I’m telling everyone I know about your film.
Where do I sign up?


I watched It last night!!! I LOVED it. Why is this not showing in major theaters? Do you realize if you marketed this right, nation wide you could blow the lid off this!!! This blows Michael Moore out of the water!!! You need to get this to Obama.... How Can we get it in major theaters???? I can sell ice to an Eskimo let me know how I can help.

Great Job and thank you,

Dariusz Koltuniak

Great Documentary...I am watching it again to take notes...You really spelled this out in the most concise way. So many things have come full circle for me...You rounded off so many things for me...Do you still have distribution via Ryko? I would love to distribute your productions and I would love to make the Freeway Rick movie when he gets out 2012....Regardless, This is brilliant...I am watching this for the second time so I can spread the word in the proper way....Have you seen the Corporation? That is a brilliant doc too...This ADW is now one of my fav's....Thanks



I am 42 years old and sat and watched the American Drug War documentary with my 72 year old mother. When the sheriff in Arizona was saying you have to step over bodies in Amsterdam, all my mother kept saying is "That is bullshit. Complete bullshit. I have been to Amsterdam and it's a beautiful place, with low crime rate and friendly people." She told me she was going to bring home some "special lollipops" from, but was afraid Customs would search her luggage.

My father has been battling severe alcoholism since 2000 and has been hospitalized several times in the past 8 years. He almost died the first time he went through detox in the hospital. He had renal failure, etc. He spent 30 days there and had to learn how to feed himself, walk and talk all over again. He is also 72 years old. I keep telling him if he wants to relax he should smoke a joint. You can imagine his reaction to that comment. He has been sober now for 2 months, but has end stage liver disease. His doctor told him the next drink he takes could kill him. I know you can appreciate the frustration and pain of watching someone suffer from that disease. The first time he detoxed, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the saddest thing I have ever watched! The doctor said alcohol withdrawal can be worse than heroin withdrawal.

I have done my fair share of recreational drugs and never experienced any of the health problems that my father suffers. All my friends smoke pot. They range from doctors and lawyers to "blue collar" workers. None of them ever went through the detox process for smoking; and they have been smoking for 20-30 years. All are respectable people, with families, jobs, and homes. They pay their taxes and go to work every day. On the flip side, I also have some friends with severe back problems. They became addicted to Oxycontin and other pain pills prescribed by their physicians. Unfortunately, a few of them became addicted to heroin when their doctors suddenly stopped their pain medications.

Like many big corporations, the company I work for conducts random drug testing. I am COMPLETELY against that. If someone smokes a joint after work or on the weekends that is their business. It isn't going to affect their performance the next day at work. I firmly believe that what people do in their own homes is their business. NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!! As long as they are not putting anyone else in jeopardy or committing violent acts, there is "no harm, no foul." Next the government will want to come into our bedrooms. In some states they already do by outlawing sodomy.

It's an atrocity what the people with power and money do. And millions put their trust in them.

I want to thank you for taking the time to bring this abuse of power to light. If there is anything I can do to help further the cause, please let me know.

God Bless and Take Care.


p.s. I wouldn't be surprised if "Big Brother" is monitoring the e-mails you receive.

I just saw your fantastic documentary on Showtime in my hotel room. As a closeted gay man who was raised naive' and Republican, after seeing your amazing documentary I now have one more reason to move to Amsterdam besides the 16-year old boys.


I just watched your documentary "American Drug War: The Last White Hope". I enjoyed it and agree with points made about legalization and decriminalization of the drugs in the USA, and that The Drug War has been an abject failure from the start. One quip, though. Near the end you show Gen. Michael Hayden's picture with the caption:

Iran-Contra Head of NSA
G.W. Bush / Director of CIA

To me this is saying that Gen. Hayden was the NSA Director during the Iran Contra scandal, but this is incorrect. His tenure as director there was from 1999 to 2005. Maybe I'm reading your caption incorrectly, but even if that is the case, I think it's a mistake that many others will make. For the sake of keeping your vital message untainted by needless errors, this should be reviewed and corrected to accurately reflect the role Gen. Hayden may or may not have had in the Iran Contra affair along with his positions at the top of this country's intelligence community.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Kevin,

My name is Yuriy Yarovoy. I am a student at West Chester University studying history with a minor in political science. This isn't fan mail or blind admiration though I do believe your documentary was quite sobering. My question to you is if there is a transcript of your documentary available anywhere? I am a junior and I have begun to discuss my graduation project with my advisers. I plan on writing a research paper detailing the Nixon/Reagan/Bush war on terror and drugs and the almost identical paradigms employed in their execution. Starting with Nixon's war profiteering in Vietnam and false-flag Gulf of Tonkin operation to the Reagan and Bush media blitz about the war on drugs which, as your documentary so eloquently showed, is nothing more than a profiteering scheme for Corporations and stockholders. And finally leading to the current media blitz regarding the war on terror and how blindly the American people buy into the hype or al-queda and global terrorism when in fact we Americans are terrorizing the world not vice-versa. Any advice you have is always welcome. I know you have absolutely no incentive to reply, but I would hope you of all people would understand my stance and goal of documenting the loss of the American way and American Dream.


Hey Kevin,

So I saw your movie a couple weeks ago via bit torrent, I'm sorry its up there already (noticed said for people to wait on that) but after watching it I pre-ordered a copy for myself.
However I was recently watching Season 2 of Penn & Teller's show "Bull Shit" and they had their so called "hippie segment" as described the bull shit of the war of on drugs. Throughout watching the episode (ep.4) I noticed some similarities in the people interviewed and information exposed and I was wondering if you have seen the episode or it influenced the movie at all (or visa versa if they received information from you)

Just curious about this, and it was a delightful surprise when pre-ordering the DVD to see all of the Bill Hicks content available on your site.
Thanks again.

- TheZeroYear











I had a family member that died of bone cancer in the 1971. My great aunt had suffered from the chemo and only smoking would get her feeling better. They sent her home from MD Anderson with a shoe box full of marajuana and I helped her role the whole box. I was 17 years old and had never smoked. I saw what a great job it did for her. I had testicular cancer in 1988 that had spread. They did a couple of surgeries then gave me chemo. The first thing I ask was are you going to let me smoke for the sickness. They told me they had a pill form that was better. So this tells me they know that it does help cancer sufferers. Yes our government is out of hand but a few people cannot take it back. If you try you will need a lot of funding. This is the name of the game. It seems if you want something done you have to pad some pockets. The best we can hope far is far some official gets sick and uses. If theyknew how well it works they might change their mind.
I was depending on our government and doctors to protect me. It only made my problem bigger. Every doctor I saw wanted me to keep using these drugs. They said I had to many problems and needed them. I have been off for almost a year and have been using asprin. Yes I have pain but I don't need all those drugs. Now they have burned up my recptors and this class of drugs will not work for me. Oxycontin is the hardest thing I ever got off of and I have had them all. They gave me buckets of morphine in the hospital and I had no problem. I used the fentynal patch and had no problem stopping. Our great government let these people get away with murder. I know they may have bought it off the street but it should have never been used except for terminal people. Yes I know we are all terminal but you know who I'am talking about. More people need to know about Suboxone along with more doctors. We seem to have a bunch of chicken shit attorneys in Texas. They don't want to touch anything like this.
Yes our drug laws need to change. Like everything else if you put someone in charge it want be long before they line their pockets. I really think some of the pain management clinics need to be checked a little more often. This is how I got addicted and it was legal. Had I known the truth I would have never used Oxycontin. I wish I had the answer so I could give it to you and others. Good luck

I already planned on making everyone I know get together and watch this. The morning after I watched your movie, I went to work in outrage, I knew deep down that things weren't right and that it made absolutely no sense that people where put in prison and jail for being addicted to anything. Everyone is addicted to something may it be food, cloths or drugs. I will be active with this and although I am just one person I am going to try to figure out how to get the question answered from Obama what his take is on your documentary. I don't have to remain anonymous, I would love to be heard. Thank you again! Kristina, Michigan

When Can I purchase this awsome record of deception to show my parents the truth. I am a convicted felon( Possession of more than three ounces of a controlled substance in the plant form). I harnessed Mother Nature in the privacy of my own home and became a P.O.W. in this war. I lost everything. It has taken me 7 years to rebuild my life. They need to know. Please, help me.


i loved the movie i think u need to show it to the world. everyone needs to know. because like u said they are all in a little box never thinking outside the box. not learning the real facts all government propaganda movie was amazing learned alot deff. and i think the public needs more more more more the more you expose it the more citizens will eventually learn prohibition doesnt work but control and regulation would


My husband and I currently watched your documentary AMERICAN DRUG WAR and would really like to own a DVD and/or book of this.
Also, we’d be interested in reading/watching your other work.

While watching AMERICAN DRUG WAR, we both shared our agreed views that are spoken through your words. We both learned we had (already) written papers on this in high school and college. Boy, so we wish we had saved our papers!

Please let me know if your movies and/or books are available to purchase. If so, where and how do we acquire?

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention to my email.
And, Thank You for being such a well spoken representative of Freedom of Speech and Free Thinking!

Your Respectful Fans,
Gladecia & Patrick

I saw the documentary for the first time last night on
Showtime and wanted to give you a thumbs up. Your
documentary hit the nail on the head of several
subjects I've noticed myself in the media, yet no one
else seems able to take note of.

The only critique I have of the film is with the scene
in the latter half of the movie where the kids were
brazenly blowing reefer smoke directly into the camera
lens. This scene struck me as a little juvenile in
comparison with the rest of the film, which was very
well orchestrated.

I congratulate your efforts and felt it was very eye
opening and informative. Given that this country is
slowly turning into a nation of uniformed mindless
zombies incapable of critical thought, your film has
the potential to better

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