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I became familiar with Alex Jones in the early 90's when he had his first cable access show in Austin, TX.

Alex used to sit in front of a star map and I had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what it was that Alex was talking about. I remember the very last time Bill Hicks came to Austin Access (spring of 93) – we were working on a script called "Public Access" about a Rush Limbaugh" type character who angers a viewer and the viewer came to the station and killed the host on the air. Bill's character was an abstract composite of various Access personalities including Alex. Bill actually watched Alex one day and said, "He has a magnetism, but I can't tell where he is going."

After Bill's passing, Alex became heavily involved with the Branch Davidian survivors and I suppose it was the Waco connection that caused us to start talking. Soon after, I went to the Branch Dravidian site with Alex several times, to film him and the survivors. I actually shot a 30 minute roll of 16mm film of the first church service (I have never even watched it). Back in those days ALL the Hicks fans were absolutely turned off by Alex, they could not see over the "Pro Gun" issue and viewed him as the "Anti BILL". I must have gotten a hundred emails and letters, all saying "Dear Kevin, I respect you for your work with Bill, but I need to tell you that Alex Jones is not the next Bill Hicks". It was like clock work how many of these I got. Maybe it's the angry child in me, but it was all I needed to make it my personal mission to shove this new evil Rush Limbaugh character down the throats of all my beloved Hicksians.

I made 'the Best of ALEX JONES" a vhs tape that had all my favorite Alex moments back to back, such as the DPS thumb scan (a total classic). Funny part of this story, is that at the same time, Alex's "Christian" fans were complaining to him about his association with the Evil satanic Sacred Cow & Bill Hicks, mister "I love abortions". So in a way, adding Alex to Sacred Cow has come at a high price, but even if you think 99% of what Alex says is complete and total bullshit, that remaining 1% still warrants checking out. I'm not going to go so far as to say Alex is some sort of doomsday soothsayer, but when you have a photographic memory for facts and an uber suspicious mind – some say paranoid mind like Alex, your bound to turn up some nasty shit. And although I used to consider Bill to be my crazy conspiracy friend, it would take an army of Bills with mountains of crystal meth to compete on that one level.

In 2004 we made "AMERICAN DICTATORS" - pretty crappy film, but makes some worthwhile points about the phony Left vs. Right political system that fools most Americans into thinking they are free. It's actually worth watching especially if you know someone who defines himself or herself by being a Republican or Democrat. We also went to the Hellish RNC in NYC and spent a week with Ted O'Brian being chased around by hooded men and swarms of Fuji Blimps. Alex ended up making MARTIAL LAW - it does a good job laying out the whole Nazi death cult Bush devil worshiper theory; once again not a film I would recommend to my cousins, but definitely a worthwhile watch for you conspiracy heads.

Alex along with editor Rob Jacobson just completed "TERROR STORM" which is getting really good reviews and pushed up to #17 on Amazon (not bad for a homemade video). I initially intended for Alex to host the Drug War film and shot some amazing footage of him explaining the drug war. It just didn't match the rest of the film as it turned out, but I plan on releasing several Drug War related films including one specifically about large-scale government conspiracies relating to the drug war.

In closing, yes I agree Alex is not the new Bill Hicks, I don't want a new Bill Hicks, Bill was all the Hicks I need. But if you say Bill was the Elvis of comedy (and you can) then I can say Alex is the Elvis of big brother new world order government corruption conspiracies. They all love their Mommas and they all love their food. And regardless of whether you’re Christian, Devil worshiper, or even Jewish you can take that to the bank, cash it, and take a long vacation out of my life.

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