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Under a battle hardened exterior exists the soul of a man, perhaps as fragile and vulnerable as anything on God’s green earth.

Joe Rogan bursts forth from the Belly of the Beast keeping it real and keeping it raw. Joe is Bert Reynolds circa Deliverance, but with a concealed DMT pipe instead of a gun.
When it comes to the battle of the sexes Joe has been to the front-line, and has a gift for bringing the hard learned knowledge to the less fortunate 99% of us.

Back in 2000 and unaware of Joe Rogan the comedian, a rock critic friend, Ken Lieck gave me a copy of “I’m going to be dead someday” Joe’s debut comedy CD distributed by Warner Brothers. I remember being blown away by Joe’s perspective on women. As it turned out Joe was really into a Hicks CD I produced, “Rant in E Minor”. The first time I met Joe, Alex Jones and I drove down to Houston and I ended up getting some really funny video of Alex and Joe discussing some early New World Order concepts. Shortly after we filmed a feature length concert of Joe in Austin entitled “Belly of the Beast” - the feature length video contains classics like Anna Nicole, Hugh Hefner, no Jet packs or Pot in the new millennium and major UFO conspiracy cover ups.

During the Drug War filming, Joe was instrumental at gaining me access into the underground medical marijuana community in Southern California. Joe himself has become a rather out-spoken advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, claiming it cures him. When asked what it cured him of: Joe replied “Life”.

Joe holds court at the Comedy Store on the Sunset strip almost every weekend in what has become an unprecedented run at the highly prestigious comedy club that is almost impossible to get into.

I look forward to doing a more in-depth expose on medical marijuana and look forward to featuring Joe who continues to need his cure from Life.

Some of my favorite Joe Rogan moments are with him and Alex Jones. The two of them are like the battle of the titans. I will get all those moments with many new ones back on the site.

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