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Celerino Castillo III served in the DEA for 12 years, until he witnessed first hand U.S. military transport planes being loaded with cocaine bound for America. The problem is that it was our own military selling these drugs in order to finance a covert war and even worse - personally profit. 

Very few conspiracies can be linked together in such a documented manner as can the Iran Contra scandal in which our own government was caught red handed for an absolutely inexcusable crime and Cele Castillo was in the eye of the storm.

Like many young patriotic American’s Cele willing fully signed up to fight in the Vietnam War. It was there that he saw many of his best friends become full on Heroin addicts and he swore that he would dedicate his life to fighting drugs. 

After climbing the ladder at the DEA, Cele had become a well-decorated agent with many huge busts to his credit. From San Francisco to New York, from smalltime cowboys who set up shop to major crime families moving serious weight, Cele loved his work and was kicking some major Drug War ass.

The eerie climax of agent Castillo's career with the DEA took place in El Salvador. One day, he received a cable from a fellow agent. He was told to investigate possible drug smuggling by Nicaraguan Contras operating from the Ilopango Air Force Base.?? Castillo quickly discovered that the Contra pilots were, indeed, smuggling narcotics back into the United States - using the same pilots, planes and hangars that the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council, under the direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North, used to maintain their covert supply operation to the Contras.

Cele was in a unique position and was able to document with pictures the shenanigans of our own government ultimately going all the way back to president Ronald Reagan. It was during this time that both Celerino and Ricky Ross were unknowingly part of the same scheme. As Rick’s CIA connection, Blandon had created a pipeline of Cocaine that he in turn gave to Rick on consignment. I guess the main difference between Cele and Rick was that while Cele was only receiving a DEA agent’s wage. Ricky was pocketing hundreds of thousands a DAY.

We are proud to add Cele to our list and hope you enjoy his Pit Bull-like focus on wanting to end the Drug War that he originally thought (like most Americans) was real.

Check out his website and buy his book Powder Burns (you won’t be sorry).

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