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T. Rodgers may have gone down in infamy, but today the former Bloods gang founder works tirelessly to help kids stay out of gangs.

“Since 9-11 the gangs have become the new terrorists” T. Rodgers quote from “the LAST WHITE HOPE”

You have probably seen T. in the 1988 film Colors in which he actually plays himself as drug dealing Dr. Feel Good T. Rodgers. Sean Penn punches him in the face and hauls him off to jail in front of all the protesting gang members. Here in the year 2006 things are quite different especially since T just received a new kidney from a drowned 4-year-old boy.

T. Is not the first guy to turn his gang status around to help kids as the co-founder of the Bloods, but he is one of the few that remains in his same neighborhood surrounded by all the same Bloods members from back in the day.

At the end of 2004 I helped T set up his own website where <> T communicates to the various groups that need his wisdom the most. T has written two books about gang life that in no way glamorize it and tries to convince kids from a true Old Time gangster that joining a gang is a really stupid move.

T. Rodgers is actually a very loveable character and I hope you guys will take a moment to get to know him, chat on his board & send him some emails.

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