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Free Way Ricky Ross

Ricky was made famous by the Gary Webb “Dark Alliance” series put him in the center of the biggest Drug War conspiracy America has ever witnessed. Perhaps in some alternate universe Rick could have been the next Sam Walton, but as the media told us in 1988, “Crack is the new opportunity,” so instead Rick has become known as the “Wall-Mart of Crack”.

The story of Ricky Ross is the classic American tale of rags to riches that not only dwarfs the Tony Montana story... it also happens to be true. Ricky was smart, he did not fall for the whole “Colors” thing, "Crips vs Bloods," Blue team vs Red team. Although Rick lived in a crip neighborhood (Hoover Crip), he realized that the winner of the game would happily supply both sides - much like our own military sells arms to countries we are at war with.

While all the gang-bangers were driving around with their 14-inch rims (yes, 14" rims were gangsta back then), covered with bling, Ricky was an expert at staying undetectable. If you ever saw him in public, you would never even know you were looking at one of the biggest gangsters in American history.

There is one very important fact that people need to know about Rick, and that is he already served his time for being the Crack Kingpin. It was after Rick was released from prison that his old partner (CIA operative) Danillo Blandon begged Ricky to help him out with one more deal. When Ricky finally agreed to help him out, it turned out that Bladon was now working for the DEA and was part of an obvious plot to get Ricky back in prison were the government wanted him.

I have now been speaking to Rick for over two years, and he is a kind, generous and thoughtful person, who knows what he did was wrong, but also realizes that every other person involved in the Oliver North-Reagan-Iran-Contra scandal of bringing cocaine into America in order to finance a covert war against Communism might have been wrong as well.

I’m proud to add Ricky Ross to the Sacred Cow line up of “Artists”. Some of you might be asking, what was his art? Making Crack to enslave black people? No. Ricky’s art was ultimately exposing the corruption of the Drug War!

2009 Update: Rick was released from Texarkana to a halfway house in Los Angeles in the summer of 2009. In September, Ricky was released from the halfway house and he is hard at work making amends and showing the world that he can be just as successful through legal avenues. Sacred Cow is currently working with Ricky and Original Productions (makers of Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, etc., etc.) on a new reality show that will be coming to television in 2010!

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