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Celerino Castillo
former DEA agent

DEA agent Celerino Castillo is now a veteran of his third and most dangerous war - the war against the criminals in his own government.

Bill Hicks
Late American Comedian and Political Philosopher

A Brief History of Bill Hicks, Kevin Booth, and Sacred Cow Productions

Alex Jones
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talkshow Host

I'm not going to go so far as to say Alex is some sort of doomsday soothsayer, but when you have a photographic memory for facts and a uber suspicious mind, some say paranoid mind like Alex, your bound to turn up some nasty shit.

T. Rodgers
co-founder of the BLOODS street gang

“Since 9-11 the gangs have become the new terrorists” T. Rodgers quote from “the LAST WHITE HOPE”

Joe Rogan
Comedian and American Spokesperson for Weed

To me Joe is like an Evil version of Bert Reynolds (circa Deliverance) who smokes DMT and is proud to be a heavy consumer of all things cannabis.

Ricky Ross

Perhaps in some alternate universe Rick could have been the next Sam Walton, but as the media told us in 1988 “Crack is the new opportunity” so instead Rick has become known as the “Wal-Mart of Crack”

Doug Stanhope
Comedian and Connoisseur of Warm Beer

One of the funniest nights of all times is when I got Alex Jones to down 12 Heinekens and got him to go on stage before Doug. 35 people walked out, many without paying the tab.

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